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Simple Business Accounting has a nice dark blue interface that’s laced with large icons. These icons contain small descriptions, and drop-down menus make finding what you need easy. Any way you slice it, Simple Business Accounting has one of the best interfaces out there.


Unlike other accounting programs, Simple Business Accounting relies upon a one-entry accounting method. This method includes simplified entries that anyone can complete. In short, you don’t have to have an accounting degree to use this program, but you will get professional level results – how ‘s that for innovative?

Main Function

If you’re tired of accounting software that’s more confusing to use than any other software you own, Simple Business Accounting is for you. Really, the name of this program says it all. You can enter billing and invoicing details, account for all of your projects and bills, and even calculate expenses just by entering basic information into the program. You don’t need to have any advanced math skills and you won’t need to use a calculator when working with this program.

Extra Features

If you use OWL’s Simple Business Invoicing and Inventory program (worth checking into!), you’ll love this feature: Simple Business Accounting imports any details you’ve added to SBII without entering this information twice. With just the tap of your mouse, any figures that you’ve already included in SBII will be automatically sent to your Simple Business Accounting program – now, that’s simple!


You may think that a program like Simple Business Accounting is bound to be expensive, and if it were any other program you’d be right. However, this awesome accounting software retails for only $57 – a price that you’ll have a hard time beating!

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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